RentaruckuS RentaruckuS RentaruckuS RentaruckuS

Cruise in style and discover the city in a new way!

Traveling Chicago couldn’t be easier than on a Honda Ruckus with the low seat height, 100 mpg automatic transmission and electric start.

Prefer to pedal?

Ride in style with our Beach Cruisers
Only $25 per day!

Meet the Ruckus

The Ruckus resembles nothing else on the road

Meet the Ruckus

Raise a Ruckus


  • Johnny says...

    I want to Ruck!  Best way to pick up my 30 chicken wings!

  • Andrew says...

    Great way to get around in style, like me

  • Cub Bear says...

    I can get better tips when I cheer on the Cubs on the scooter!

  • Mclaughlin says...

    Better than driving a car!

  • Cardinal Fan says...

    Go Cards!

  • 26 says...